WLB - Cyprus


Since its foundation, WLB has pioneered the application of embedded computers, PLCs and PC-based technologies with either Windows or Linux operating platforms and any of the commonly used programming languages to solve the most challenging engineering problems. Their software solutions, combined with value-added service and support, have been catalysts for innovation and faster time to market for numerous customers. WLB's portfolio consists of software solutions focused on important industry sectors: Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Infrastructures & Transportation, Energy, Utilities & Industry, Healthcare, Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. WLB’s portfolio of activities includes the following fields: Development of customised engineering services; Solutions for specialised engineering problems; Industrial design systems implementation; Promotion of high technology engineering software tools; Advanced web based applications development; Research through national and European projects. They offer excellent expertise in embedded software development and bespoke PC solutions and combine them with creativity, personal commitment, and high reliability.

Role in the project: Project coordinator/administrator/liaison with EU. Responsible for input into WP1 for specification definition, WP4 for the development of the motion control system, WP5 for validating the developed systems

Reasons for participating: WLB will benefit from its participation in the project as the development of novel motion controllers will enable it to expand its portfolio of automation products into advanced industrial applications.