Twi - UK

With 870 skilled staff and a turnover 2013 of €75M, TWI is one of Europe’s leading independent RTDs. It is a membership based company with 700 members in 2500 locations and 80 countries. Amongst them are major electric power utilities companies, many of whom are active in wind power generation and therefore potential customers for the AUTOWINSPEC technology. TWI also has one of the largest NDT research team in Europe. has become a world leader for non-destructive testing (NDT). There are more than 150 people including engineers, technicians, support staff, and EngDoc"

Role in the project: In WP1, TWI will contribute to specification input and will manufacture artificial defects in the wind turbine specimens provided. In WP2, they will research and design the signal analysis for Acousto-ultrasonic. They will also develop software to automatically estimate the mechanical properties of the blade and its remaining lifespan. During integration, they will assist WP leader Innora and participate in trials. They will actively participate in WP6, dissemination and exploitation. They will assist Project Coordinator WLB in financial and administrative matters.

Reasons for participating: The SMEs selected TWI to take part in this project and to have a leading research role because of its long and successful experience, its proven technical excellence in NDT and its 15 years’ experience in LRU. TWI will benefit because it sees wind power as a strategic target for future technology developments and because it wants to produce the world’s first commercial Acousto-ultrasonic signal analysis.