Innotecuk - UK

InnoTecUK is a dynamic and fast growing technology company specialising in Automation, Non-Invasive sensors development and Instrumentation design and packaging. They have expertise in developing new sensors for non-intrusive measurements, structural monitoring and data processing technologies for various industries. InnoTecUK’s success has been built on their reputation for technical excellence and an ability to provide robust and creative sensing technologies and automation solutions that will increase their customers' productivity and performance. To enhance their technologies and capabilities, they work closely with UK and European universities. InnoTecUK’s aim is to provide their customers with bespoke solutions by bringing the technology closer to the market and creating a unique niche in the marketplace.

Role in the project: InnoTecUK will contribute to the system specification in WP1. In WP3 they will design and manufacture the transducer wheels and the probe configuration. They will also develop the motion and control software in WP4, and assist in system integration. They will actively participate in WP5 to validate developed systems. They will have a principle role in WP6, dissemination and exploitation.

Reasons for participating: InnoTecUK has been selected by project SMEs for their expertise in the development of motion control systems. Their laboratory is equipped with a large number of state-of-theart machines that assist the research work. Amongst other equipment the laboratory has the capability of programming microcontrollers such as PIC, AVR and PXA, a number of power supplies, oscilloscopes, wave generators, etc., and a complete set for the production of prototype PCBs.