Innora - Greece

Innora is a privately owned R&D SME. They deliver high added value advanced technology intellectual property (IP). During the last decade, their team has developed and implemented more than 50 pan-European projects and has vast experience in international collaborations. Innora’s core knowledge is interdisciplinary design, computer-aided optimisation, virtual simulation and implementation of robotic systems, including mechanics, control and sensors. Mechanics includes the design and structure of manipulators, end-effectors, locomotion vehicles and peripherals; actuators, power and energy storage; kinematics, dynamics and simulation. Control includes both theory (electrical and mechanical control optimisation of spatial paths and task planning) and implementation (hardware and software). Sensors include design of sensors and sensor systems and algorithms for sensory data acquisition and analysis.

Role in the project: Innora will contribute to the system specification. They will be responsible for delivering the robotic climbing mechanism and the integrated AUTOWINSPEC system. They will take part in field trials. They will widely disseminate project results and assist the SMEs to exploit the end product.

Reasons for participating: has a proven track record in providing automation solutions as well as in the development of advanced robotic systems; their laboratory is equipped with a large number of state-of the art machines necessary to manufacture the robotic and integrated system. They have therefore been selected by the project SMEs to provide the robotics systems in the AUTOWINSPEC project. Innora offers bespoke solutions to a wide range of industries, and through this project they will benefit as they will expand their strategic target to wind industry and renewable sources of energy